Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Talmage Meets Thomas

Yes, we went to see Thomas the train.Talmage is a train lover. He couldn't see it all fast enough.  Shelby and Sydney were good sports to go along. Reagan and Reese stayed home with Crystal. Thank you Crystal for helping us out. The train ride was short and sweet. Talmage just kept saying "All Aboard" it was so cute. Then Mark, Talmage and I started singing the Thomas song and Shelby and Syd could of just died. There was this cute little boy behind him and he kept wanting to hold his Thomas. 
So when we got off the train we went to stand in line for picture, well the line was long so we took the picture from the outside. 
Talmage and the girls tried to move the trains, that have been their a long time.

This was Talmage favorite thing to do.
Let's just say getting him away from this was painful, not for us but others. 
Yes lots and lots of screaming No, No, i want to stay. 
Well we did finaly leave with a new 
train Billy and off to eat we went.

We went to the Dairy Kean ( I think that is the name) It has trains going on the ceiling, and yes more train tables to play with YEAH!!!

 Yes, Talmage is showing off his new train Billy. We all had a great time. It is fun spending time with our kids. Shelby and Sydney are growing way to fast and there won't be the moment much longer. It was so fun to see Talmage enjoy it so much. His smile and laughter was worth the trip. Next year Reagan and Reese can enjoy it as well. Goodbye Thomas!


Jenn said...

We did this once, we even went and ate at the same place!! Looks like Talmage had a great time!!

Mag Family said...

How fun. I bet Talmage was in heaven.

Laura said...

Oh I can't believe we didn't go with you to this event. Braxton loves Thomas. We must get him and Talmage together. Both of them have the same problem. All sisters. Love Laura B.