Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Well look at me two post in one day!! Shelby changed my back ground so i thought i would tell you all Happy New Year. If you are still waiting for our Christmas card you will get a New Years greeting. So talk to you all in 2009!!

Merry Christmas from Richfield

Well this year we spent Christmas in Richfield with my family. My brother and his family and my family arrived on Tuesday. It was so fun, seeing them all again. We had a great dinner that night of Mexican food and sat around and laughed. Christmas eve was fun also, we did a little last minute shopping and then played in the snow. Mark arrived that night it was great to have him there. That night the kids acted out the christmas story, they did a great job as always. Then my dad read the Christmas story, and we talked about our most memorable Christmas. This year i got my brothers kids shirts that say "My Bishop Rocks" he and the kids got a kick out of them, since he is the Bishop. I then gave my kids there christmas pj's. Talmage did not like his he thought his were babies pj's. We then had the kids get the cookies out for Santa. Then all the adults played cards till the wee hours of the morning. Christmas day was great then we came home and unloaded the stuff. Christmas was great we love spending time with my family. Thanks Mom and Dad for the very wonderful Christmas. Thanks Doug and Annette for everything it was great being together! We love you all!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

24th of July in Richfield Utah

So, i know July was a long time ago, but Shelby just helped me get the slide on!1 Thanks Shelby
So we have started a tradition to go to my parents for the 24th of July. But this year we had many activities to do over the holiday. First of all we went to Monore Utah for the big parade then burgers at a place called Bullies. Then we were having the Robert's family reuinon. It was great seeing family that i had not seen in a very long time. My family was in charge of the food for the lunch, so my mother and i prepared the food and it went well. Then that night we had a big barn dance and dinner in my dad's barn. It was lots of fun!! I took along Crystal to help with the kids while i helped my family. We feel like she is just part of the family so it was like having one more kid along. But oh so much help to me!!! Then my brother and his family arrived on Sunday. It ws great to see them all. Then on Monday my dad got the opportunity to baptized his Grandson Tobie. It was so great, to see the smile on both my dad's face and Tobies. Then on Tuesday we went up to Maple Grove and had a picnic it was so beautiful and the kids had a blast, playing in the water and catching fish and eating lots of food. It was such a great time spending time with family. We were able to spend some time with my Aunt and her children. It was fun to ride 4-wheelers play in the water and just sit on the porch and talk. Some fun memories were made thanks Mom and Dad for the fun time.

Happy Birthday Sydney

Sydney, turned 10 yesterday!! I really can't believe how time flies. We now say she reached double digits. Sydney is such a joy in our home. She helps with the little ones and is such a great sister to Shelby. I remember the day she was born, she was two weeks late and i told the doctor, that i don't care who delivers me, just get the baby out. She was born on her Grandpa Steve's birthday, and they have a very tight bond because of that. I love to see her growing up but it sure makes me feel old. We love you Sydney!! Thanks for coming into our family!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top Ramen Noodles Anyone?

Well just when you think you have seen everything. Talmage had given the twins some Top Ramen noodles and off to the garage they went. Everything was quiet and this is what I found, them eating food off the floor just like dogs.. As many of you know this really bothers me because I don't even like them to get dirty. So i guess I'm getting a little soft, because I let them finish so I could get the food put away. They thought they were so funny! Talmage said look Mom we are having a picnic. If they are not all climbing on the table and hanging from the light, they are going through my cabinets. Making messes are there middle names.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Talmage goes to Preschool

Well, my little boy goes to Preschool. It is really a funny story, I had him set up to go to preschool with Gavin his cousin and it ended with one call. They called when Mark was home with a Man Cold... and they asked if he was potty trained, well Mark said no and not even close. How did he know we had been working on it.. Well that ended his preschool days with Pleasant Grove City.  I knew i needed him to get out and be with other kids so i called my friend and she said try the preschool Brighter Child, i do have a brighter child...I thought.So i called and he is enrolled. He went on Tuesday and he did not really want to color and eat his snack, but the teacher said he really loves letters and he knows them all. I said yeah, want to boast him up to three days a week..(HaHa) No she said he did great! It had been a really long time since i had sent a kid to preschool, so i was a little sad till Reagan cried all the way home and i thought where do they take one year olds...
 So only two more at home!!

Back to School

Well Shelby, is now in the 6th grade at Lincoln Academy. This is on the first day and she looks great!! I can remember sending her to preschool, wow time flies. She was so excited to start school, being my social one. She loves her class and Teacher Mr. Roberts, she is happy to be back. I just think summer went to fast, but i'm happy she is happy to go back to school.

Well Sydney, is now in the 4th grade at Lincoln Academy. This is also her on the first day, wow she is so cute!! I can remember sending her to Preschool she was taller than the teacher. I just love her and her funny personality. She was not even ready for school to be back in she loves summer!!! Swim, swim ,swim was all she wanted to do in the summer. But she loves her new teacher Miss Kelly, and is glad to be back in school.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If everyday they could be this Happy...

Well the last couple of weeks have been just down right hard.. The twins are into everything. When I get one mess cleaned up they go into another room and destroy that room. When they are not making messes they are either crying or screaming in a very high tone! I'm not saying I have a rough life, because I would not change anything for the world. I love watching them everyday. Reese and Reagan are now starting to get their own little language. When Reese is sad Reagan will go find her blanket and sassy and give it to her. They will also get into trouble together. They love to go play in my bathroom tub faucet. They will throw everything in the tub, if we are missing anything we just go look in the tub. Reagan is our little shoe lover. She will try to put all her shoes on or anyone else's she can find. We think she will be a shoe designer. She loves shoes just as much as her mother. Reese will either be a movie critic or a blanket maker. She is the more laid back one she will watch TV if she has her blanket and sassy. She takes the blanket everywhere. They are so very different. Reagan is the busy one and Reese is more stand back. We just love them so much but at night when i shut their bedroom door I put a rather big smile on my face. Oh the life of a stay at home mom. The other night a sales man called and asked if I needed a job where i could work from home, i just had to laugh all my little ones were crying. I just told the guy i am pretty busy at home already. He laughed and said, i think you have your hands full right now. I said you have no idea!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Cute Missionary

This is a picture of our cute missionary! He is the son of Marks oldest brother Terry and Susan. He has been gone since March 19! We are so darn proud of him. What an example he is to our children. Talmage thinks he went to space on a mission, we are working on what he really went to do. Jordan went to Richmond Virginia Spanish speaking. I really miss Jordan we are sort of buds. When he was in college we would text often, and he would come over and play with my kids. He has been on some trips with us as well. We just love him! He went Spanish speaking and it has been fun reading his letters, and hearing about all his experiences. At times I wish I could be a fly on the wall. I just loved my mission and the many things it taught me. He has such a strong testimony and it is great he is sharing it with the people in Virginia. Keep up the great work Elder Bishop, we just love you TONS!

Fun Times with Friends

These are some pictures of our friends the Reynolds Family. Taunie and I have been friends for a very long time. We were missions companions, she was my favorite (sorry other comps)! We love getting our families together. They have 4 girls and 1 boy, just like us. Our girls love making up plays to share with us. In these pictures they are begging us to have a sleep over. Yes we gave in. Also we had a birthday cake for Shelby's 11th birthday.  I just love Taunie and Doug and the family. Our lives get busy and we don't see them as often as we would like, but they are always in our thoughts.  We love you Reynolds Family!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bishop Family June 2008

We had our good friend Torie take these great pictures. She even made me look good! We tried to get the twins to even take one picture together, but they would not even think of it. It sure made Shelby and Sydney look older. I can't believe how grown up they are getting. They spent 18 days in Arizona and i missed them like crazy. They are such a great help to me with the 3 little ones. Wow what a cute family!!

Now Showing the Bishop Family

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Annual Camping Trip

Talmage Meets Thomas

Yes, we went to see Thomas the train.Talmage is a train lover. He couldn't see it all fast enough.  Shelby and Sydney were good sports to go along. Reagan and Reese stayed home with Crystal. Thank you Crystal for helping us out. The train ride was short and sweet. Talmage just kept saying "All Aboard" it was so cute. Then Mark, Talmage and I started singing the Thomas song and Shelby and Syd could of just died. There was this cute little boy behind him and he kept wanting to hold his Thomas. 
So when we got off the train we went to stand in line for picture, well the line was long so we took the picture from the outside. 
Talmage and the girls tried to move the trains, that have been their a long time.

This was Talmage favorite thing to do.
Let's just say getting him away from this was painful, not for us but others. 
Yes lots and lots of screaming No, No, i want to stay. 
Well we did finaly leave with a new 
train Billy and off to eat we went.

We went to the Dairy Kean ( I think that is the name) It has trains going on the ceiling, and yes more train tables to play with YEAH!!!

 Yes, Talmage is showing off his new train Billy. We all had a great time. It is fun spending time with our kids. Shelby and Sydney are growing way to fast and there won't be the moment much longer. It was so fun to see Talmage enjoy it so much. His smile and laughter was worth the trip. Next year Reagan and Reese can enjoy it as well. Goodbye Thomas!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, what can I say about our awesome 9 year old. She is our very head strong child, and in the very same moment she is our very loving girl. Outside is where you will find her most days, riding her bike and playing with friends. She now plays softball and seems to really be loving it. She is a really big help with the 3 little ones, especially if money is involved. We also love to have our alone time, but no shopping for her it is eating out. At times I think her middle name could be snack. Our life would be totally boring without our Syd. We love her to pieces!!!


Well, we can't believe that she is almost 11. She is a really beautiful young lady. We can always count on her to help out with the 3 little ones. She loves to read like her Dad. She is now getting into her friends, wanting to always  call and spend time with them. We often take our time together, going shopping! Yes she loves shoes like me. I love to talk to her and laugh with her. We just love her and would not know what our life would be without her.


What can we say about our cute BOY!! He is our planes, trains, and cars boy. He can't get enough of them. He knows all the Thomas trains and can tell you the names and numbers. Our cute nephew who is in the MTC drew him a picture of Thomas the train and put a number 5 on it and, Talmage said "Jordan should know Thomas is 1 not 5". He keeps us on our toes, he is all boy and i just love it. After Shelby and Sydney, it is nice to have my little buddy. He is now getting bugged by the twins, so he just goes into his room and shuts the door. He is also learning Spanish from our nanny Dora the explorer. Ok we don't have a nanny it is only a TV show. He is always saying words in spanish. Colors, and high and low, fast, and slow and help me.He is growing so fast i wish i could just stop time, Ok maybe after he is potty trained. We love our BOY!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reagan & Reese

Reagan and Reese sure do love these spray bottles. Whenever they can get their hand on them they do. Maybe I should exchange these for the bottles.. The twins are growing more everyday. I can't believe they were ever really little. Reagan is the little teaser. Reese always wins the fights, I guess it's because she is a lot bigger. Reagan is now speaking what we call baby Chinese. Reese just speaks SCREAMING. So we try to keep the plug in as much as possible. We just love them so much they are both so very different, it is fun to see the personalities come out. They really have been a blessing in our lives.
 At times our life is really crazy, but I try to remember the quite moments.