Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas from Richfield

Well this year we spent Christmas in Richfield with my family. My brother and his family and my family arrived on Tuesday. It was so fun, seeing them all again. We had a great dinner that night of Mexican food and sat around and laughed. Christmas eve was fun also, we did a little last minute shopping and then played in the snow. Mark arrived that night it was great to have him there. That night the kids acted out the christmas story, they did a great job as always. Then my dad read the Christmas story, and we talked about our most memorable Christmas. This year i got my brothers kids shirts that say "My Bishop Rocks" he and the kids got a kick out of them, since he is the Bishop. I then gave my kids there christmas pj's. Talmage did not like his he thought his were babies pj's. We then had the kids get the cookies out for Santa. Then all the adults played cards till the wee hours of the morning. Christmas day was great then we came home and unloaded the stuff. Christmas was great we love spending time with my family. Thanks Mom and Dad for the very wonderful Christmas. Thanks Doug and Annette for everything it was great being together! We love you all!!

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Whitney said...

That sounds so fun!!