Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, what can I say about our awesome 9 year old. She is our very head strong child, and in the very same moment she is our very loving girl. Outside is where you will find her most days, riding her bike and playing with friends. She now plays softball and seems to really be loving it. She is a really big help with the 3 little ones, especially if money is involved. We also love to have our alone time, but no shopping for her it is eating out. At times I think her middle name could be snack. Our life would be totally boring without our Syd. We love her to pieces!!!


Well, we can't believe that she is almost 11. She is a really beautiful young lady. We can always count on her to help out with the 3 little ones. She loves to read like her Dad. She is now getting into her friends, wanting to always  call and spend time with them. We often take our time together, going shopping! Yes she loves shoes like me. I love to talk to her and laugh with her. We just love her and would not know what our life would be without her.


What can we say about our cute BOY!! He is our planes, trains, and cars boy. He can't get enough of them. He knows all the Thomas trains and can tell you the names and numbers. Our cute nephew who is in the MTC drew him a picture of Thomas the train and put a number 5 on it and, Talmage said "Jordan should know Thomas is 1 not 5". He keeps us on our toes, he is all boy and i just love it. After Shelby and Sydney, it is nice to have my little buddy. He is now getting bugged by the twins, so he just goes into his room and shuts the door. He is also learning Spanish from our nanny Dora the explorer. Ok we don't have a nanny it is only a TV show. He is always saying words in spanish. Colors, and high and low, fast, and slow and help me.He is growing so fast i wish i could just stop time, Ok maybe after he is potty trained. We love our BOY!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reagan & Reese

Reagan and Reese sure do love these spray bottles. Whenever they can get their hand on them they do. Maybe I should exchange these for the bottles.. The twins are growing more everyday. I can't believe they were ever really little. Reagan is the little teaser. Reese always wins the fights, I guess it's because she is a lot bigger. Reagan is now speaking what we call baby Chinese. Reese just speaks SCREAMING. So we try to keep the plug in as much as possible. We just love them so much they are both so very different, it is fun to see the personalities come out. They really have been a blessing in our lives.
 At times our life is really crazy, but I try to remember the quite moments.