Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, we can't believe that she is almost 11. She is a really beautiful young lady. We can always count on her to help out with the 3 little ones. She loves to read like her Dad. She is now getting into her friends, wanting to always  call and spend time with them. We often take our time together, going shopping! Yes she loves shoes like me. I love to talk to her and laugh with her. We just love her and would not know what our life would be without her.


Mandee Gillen said...

WOW!!! Shelb you are a little tweenager arn't you? Man how time flies. You are a woman after my own heart loving shoes, now if I could get you to love jewelry too we would be set!

Steph said...

Such beautiful girls! Savannah misses both Shelby and Sydney so much! I love how they've changed and yet are still the same!