Friday, May 1, 2009

Kathryn Turns 40

Well, yes it happened! I turned the big 40 in March. I had told Mark that i wanted to do something fun, I was thinking Salt Lake or even Park City. Well you know Mark he never does things little. Our neighbors were going on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and the next thing i know, on Wednesday night he said pack your bag we are going with the Hess's on a cruise. I just about died i love to go on cruises. So we left on Saturday and flew to Los Angeles. We did some shopping and just good old talking, with the three little ones we don't always get good conversation in. So on Sunday we got on the ship it was so big! It was the biggest we have been on just amazing.It even had a ice skating rink. We met up with our friends and laughed and laughed. Every night we sat with the same people some interesting ones and some really great ones. Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas. It was beautiful, we went on a snorkeling tour, and we even saw whales it was so awesome. The water was a little bit cold but so much fun. The whales were so big and awesome! Our next stop was in Mazatlan, we went on a day at the beach and boat rides. Well you know Mark he was just as happy to sit and read his book. So i just enjoyed the quiet. Then our next stop was Puerto Vallarta, i thought it was so pretty, we went on a zip line. Each time or should i say the older i get the more afraid i get of being up so high. It was so beautiful and it was so much fun. The jeep ride there was pretty scary, but we made it. I then did my shopping and had fun. On the day of my birthday my husband spoiled me rotten. He had roses sent to our room, and then he had the room decorated for my birthday. He also got me a massage and a pedicure. I was in heaven it was the best!! Then at dinner our friends had my seat at the table decorated. And then had our friends and kids write me a birthday card, it was so great! It was such a fun and a very great birthday!
Thank you Jason and Marianne for letting us spend our vacation with you! You both are great!
Mark is so good to me. Also to give me a 40th birthday in such a big way! I love him so much!! Thank you honey, I loved every minute of our trip together. You are the Best I love you so much!!


Kaylene said...

Spoiled Girl! You deserve it! Happy Late Birthday!! I have thought alot about you latley. I need to just pick up the phone and give you a call. email me and let me know when the best time to call you!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! I turned 40 in April so I know how you feel. Wow, that went fast, huh? Here's to a great year!

marianne said...

I can't see your slide show for some reason...bummer. It really was fun! We'd love to do it again!!!

Julie said...

I am glad your hubby spoiled you rotten! We need to plan a "manilla heights" cruise/trip sometime soon!